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       Download U.T.A.S.P. 5.0

    Please download the following file in order to use the U.T.A.S.P.:
    • U.T.A.S.P. V5.0 Complete - 31mb
    • Or:
    • U.T.A.S.P. V5.0 Complete (TA:M Version) - 31mb
    • FileUniverse is currently hosting the new U.T.A.S.P V5.0 , so be sure to pick it of there. Oh , did I mention the link has been fixed? Happy downloading!
    • Thanks also to the nice guys over at TAFS for making and hosting the TA:M Version of UTASP 5.0
    1. If you are on a slow connection, get hold of flashget download agent. It allows you to pause and resume download whenever you wish.
    2. You must have Core Contingency and V3.1 patch (8.2 Mb) installed before you can install UTASP.
    3. Install simply by unzipping the UTASP file into your TA directory. If using winzip, just direct the unzip directory to your TA directory (C:\Cavedog\totala by default). IN Windows XP, use explorer to open the zip file, and just grab all of the files, and place them into your TA directory.
    4. Make sure your TA directory is clean of any third party units/AI's etc including UTASP Beta and Cavedog's post Revision 3.1 units (Scarab, Hedgehog, FARK, and Necro). Make sure you do not have Boneyards installed. If you're not sure, make a fresh install of TA + CC + 3.1 Patch in a new directory.
    5. If it doesn't work, read the FAQ file to see if you can locate your problem in there (it's highly likely that I have seen the problem before). It gives detailed instructions of how to fix known problems.
    6. UTASP will automatically overwrite your Rev31.gp3 file (which you might want to back-up), your AI folder, and gamedata folder.
    7. If you're using UTASP 3.0 beta with the patch (the old version), please remove the patch before installing UTASP v5.0

    1. Here are the different levels of the Banzai AI Aiboost 1.0 is the standard version, and the others vary in difficulty accordingly.
    2. AIBoost 0.6 - 180Kb
    3. AIBoost 0.8 - 180Kb
    4. AIBoost 1.0 - 180Kb
    5. AIBoost 1.1 - 180Kb
    6. AIBoost 1.2 - 180Kb
    7. AIBoost 1.5 - 180Kb
    8. AIBoost 1.8 - 180Kb
    9. Install simply by unzipping to your TA directory.
    10. Only one AI Boost can be installed at a time. The New AI Boost will overwrite your old one.



    1999-2005 M.A.D. TA
    Total Annihilation is the property of Atari.