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    Incoming Transmission
    Thu 7 Jun 2007, 8:57 PM by Rampage






    Establishing battlefield controls , stand-by . . .



    First releases in 2006!
    Sun 22 Jan 2006, 4:09 PM by Rampage

    Yep thats right! I couldnt keep these things behind curtains any longer. So , without more delay , I bring you :

    The Core Karganeth
    The third / fourth revision. Man , I've lost track of all the revisions. The version has been retextured , rescaled and fitted with more OTA style weapons. It is quiet a powerfull unit when its against you. Now , do I really have to tell you what the Karganeth is capable of? Im sure most of you people have this baby in their TA directory and play around with it , or even better , mod it? So stop reading this text and download the Core Karganeth! Well , go on. I know you want to.

    Core Karganeth

    The Core Galacticus
    Yep another mech made by the MAD-TA team. What are you talking about? What team? Im on my bloody own! The Core Galacticus is everything you'll ever need when your trying to pummel an enemy from a long distance. Sporting a big-@ss cannon on the top and 2 Antimatter-Laser Cannons this baby is everything you'll ever need. Some call it the smaller brother of the Karganeth , but when in groups , the Karganeth could suffer from major damage by these "things". So hurry up , the links wont be up forever. This is MAD-TA afterall , you'll never know when it "dissappears again" :P . Download the Core Galacticus right here!

    Core Galacticus

    The Core Influence and Arm Tabitha
    2 new buildings to play around with! Oh goody! These 2 shorebombers are very powerfull. Firing Nuclear Shells across even the biggest maps AND dealing 5000+ damage to every unit which is unfortunate enough to get caught in the blast. Ofcourse , we had to ... wait , no WE , [b]I[/b] had to consider the fact that I should keep them balanced and I must say im happy with the result. The Core Influence has a longer firing range but deals less damage. The Arm Tabitha has a shorter firing range but deals more damage. Uh-huh , thats right , just like the Bertha and Intimidator. Do keep in mind you'll need alot of Fusion Reactors to keep your base safe from other powerfull units. These buildings arent quiet energy conservative. Well go on , download the
    Core Influence and Arm Tabitha by clicking on the link.

    Arm Tabitha

    Core Influence

    Well , thats about it for the unit releases. The Galacticus and Level 3 Cannons are not entirely bug free. But that doesnt matter does it? The cannons have a short firing delay and thats about the only thing I can think of |) . I hope you guys are gonna have fun with the new releases over at MAD-TA. The units are currently hosted at Infusion Designs , why dont you pay them a visit? Stay tuned for more releases , including the community project : "The Core Monkeylord".

    Rampage out :)


    Staff members REQUIRED!
    Thu 3 Nov 2005, 9:52 AM by Rampage

    So this is the 6th time I've posted something about MAD-TA requiring Staff members. But thats alright , I'll just keep on trying hehe.

    Anyway , what does MAD-TA need this time?

    - Modellers
    - Scripters
    - Renderes
    - And someone with some cool idea's!

    Thats about it really , another distress call coming from us ( well me ) ;)

    On a brighter note the units I've showcased on the forums are all ready for release. The Mechanoid Spider mechs are still in the R&D lab though. They haven't been textured nor have they been imported into 3do Builder yet because I lack the time to do so. The Monkeylord , Karganeth , Galacticus and the Level 3 Nuclear cannons are all ready but I find it hard to put them online mainly because our Forum News System doesn't work well with the site setup we have now. I cant import links , colours or smileys ( Yes , the last one is pretty important mind you ) We are currently waiting on Everyone to complete a fully working news-system that works well. So stay tuned for further updates


    We're back!
    Thu 13 Oct 2005, 9:19 AM by Rampage

    Yes you've read that right. We are back , and this time with a vengeancy AND a fresh News System which also seems to work via the TAU Forums! As you can see the site hasn't got a major change since we departed from PlanetAnnihilation , but thats ok right? Or we're you expecting a cool new layout?

    Well , think AGAIN! Because you wont see any changes. The links on the site might not all work properly the same goes for the Downloads. Some images might not display because the site was uploaded partially. This will be fixed as soon as possible. The Rumad have been linked to FileUniverse and is up for your downloading pleasure. So be sure to give it a spin again. Also , make sure you check our Forums often. Lots of upcoming stuff on there!

    So what is ready or ALMOST ready for release?

    - The Core Galacticus
    The Core Galacticus is the Karganeths long range bro. Although not as powerfull this unit will sport a Long Range Cannon on its head to pummel the enemy base from a , well , long distance. Don't take this unit lightly though. It has more weapons then one might think. This unit is still in development and awaiting retexturing by TheRegisteredOne.

    - Arm Tabitha / Core Influence
    To counter the growing threath of the Core the Arm came up with a new Defense System. The Tabitha is everything you'll ever need. Lobbing Nuclear Shells across the battlefield the Karganeth / Galacticus units soon realised that penetrating their base would get a whole lot TOUGHER. In a desperate attempt the Core invaded an Arm base , resurrected one of the Adv. Con. Kbot's and made their own prototype , the Influence. The balance , was even once again!

    - Retextured Karganeth
    Another revision you say? Well ofcourse. Big units require alot of balancing and this one is just about ready for a Gold-status. What'ya mean Ramp? It was released a while ago right? Well , true . . . but I felt like revising it again. Things like , scaling , balancing , retexturing etc etc. Check the forum for a comparisation between the new and old. A big THANKS to TheRegisteredOne for retexturing this beast.

    Thats about it , keep in mind that this is a one-man site. I , Rampage , am the only one currently updating this site and making sure you people get plenty of models to screw around with. Thats all folks! Check back often and you might have a nice , juicy Unit to play around with.


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