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       U.T.A.S.P. Information.

    What's the deal with U.T.A.S.P.?
    UTASP is not just any old pile of units patched up with TA Conflict Crusher. Many units have been improved and almost all have been rebelanced through months of preparation. Some units even have completely new scripts. In fact, I am confident that TA + UTASP is the most bugless version of TA with third party units on the net. UTASP also features new animations and sounds. Several new explosion types made by other third party unitmakers have been included, and new sounds added by other third party unit makers, and some I added myself (which I'm pretty sure haven't been heard in TA before) all add to the pack's uniqueness. Banzai is sneaky, hostile and plays differently every time. Banzai also cheats a lot less than any other comparable AI's used for unit packs, which means you can wage a war of attrition against it. Banzai supports more third party units than any other AI which means if you are an experienced editor and really hate a UTASP unit, you can change it for another and there's a good chance that the AI will support it. Cavedog maps have been set up to use their best Banzai profile.
    It fixes bugs...
    It has been a priority in UTASP to debug any units that enter the pack as far as is possible, and to improve the performance/quality of others if at all possible. Unit changes can be broken up into the following categories:
    • Fbi bugs: - These are problems that lie in the unit's info file. They are generally not serious and are most commonly bad target categories and incorrect TED Classes. Other amendments like weapon selections have been done throught these files.
    • 3D Model errors: - A little more apparant than the last form of bug. Model errors will not crash TA, but appear unsightly when the unit is in action. Typical bugs are weapons firing from the incorrect places and units (especially Kbots) 'breaking apart' when turning.
    • Scripting Bugs: - My personal favourite. Scripting bugs range in severity from a minor glitch in the game to bye-bye TA. Some of the most serious UTASP bugs lay in the scripts. Scripting bugs are also particularly difficult to fix due to their uncertain nature. Scripting bugs include units firing from only one firepoint or "launcher" instead of two or more, and units refusing to target all of their available weapons even when they are all in range.
    • Some Fixes Taken from Switechs BugFix Mod:-
      1. Core Viper script now allows the unit to produce a corpse.
      2. Hovercraft corpses now 'sink' when the unit is destroyed. They will no longer be non-passable to seafaring vessels. Krogoth's weapon priorities have been fixed.
      3. Arm Warrior can now use both weapons at the same time provided of course that they are both in range.
      4. Arm Maverick and Arm Zeus now take longer to put their guns away. This helps to prevent the problem of them becoming temporarily 'disarmed' during intermittent fighting.
      5. Core's fortitude missile defence now produces the correct corpse.
      6. Some buildings with damage modifiers that close up in the game were not being affected by the damage modifier. These included the Arm Annihilator, Core Doomsday machine, the Moho Metal Makers, the Targetting Facilities, and the Antinukes. This has been fixed!
      7. Construction Kbots no longer stop building for no particular reason.
    It adds new build pictures..
    New Build pics cover just about every type of unit in UTASP, including Cavedog's! All the new third party pics (which there are a lot of) will be tagged in the final release. Some of the scripting bugs above were taken from Switeck's Bugfix. Please see the Bugfix Fixes.doc for a list of all fixes taken from this popular mod. Enhancements made to units have been made through all of the above,as well as weapons, sounds, and animations, which help to brighten up the game.
    It adds new controls....
  • CTRL_P Selects all armed aircraft.
  • CTRL_G Selects all armed ground forces (tanks, kbots & hovercraft)
  • CTRL_T Selects all tanks
  • CTRL_K Selects all armed Kbots
  • CTRL_H Selects all armed hovercraft
  • CTRL_N Selects all armed naval units
  • CTRL_U Selects all attack submarines
  • CTRL_L Selects all labourers (Jibson, Coboi, Repair Arm, and FARK)
  • So...
    What are you waiting for? Go get that mod!



    1999-2005 M.A.D. TA
    Total Annihilation is the property of Atari.