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       U.T.A.S.P. Credits.

    I would just like to thank everyone who has helped UTASP move from a far off dream into reality. A lot of work has gone into UTASP, and a lot of people have all contributed to it's success. I hope I have given everyone who has helped a mention here:
    • Firstly thanks to all of the unit makers, because without them UTASP would be a two unit pack. It has been really great that so many people have put themselves out for the benefit of the TA Community, and the continued support for TA has been staggering. This really is a small mention for what they have done.
    • Thanks to all of those people who created programs that make editing TA so much easier. Thanks goes to all of the makers of the programs used to build UTASP: 3do Builder (Kinboat and Quantum Design), Hpi Utilities by Joe D, HPI Manager, TA Unit Viewer and Comparer, Pinky, Scripter and Manic's Gaf Factory.
    Thanks to all of the beta-testers who sent back a lot of info, bug reports and possible improvements:
    • Nube D --> The man who helped with some of the unit re-texturing jobs. Nube does a better job of texturing than anyone else I know (yes, even me - check out the Python hovercraft), so thanks a lot mate! Nube also modeled a lot of the units on the MAD TA site that now feature in this version of UTASP.
    • Rampage --> For forcing me back into UTASP (although I don't think he actually knows that himself), and for modeling Karganeth. Sorry mate, I just didn't have the heart to replace our old model with the new one by M3G, so I made it into a separate unit.
    • Switeck --> For fixing so many of those annoying TA unit bugs left by Cavedog. It seemed like a job that could never be finished, but somehow you managed it!
    • Sinclaire --> You're probably not going to be reading this, but thanks again for the stunning build pics you made for a number of units. You should stick with that style in your pics, because it really does look amazing (for the players, check out the build pics for the Core Exterminator, Core Advanced Moho Mine, Core Lion, Arm and Core Resource Factories, and tell me that they're not better than the Cavedog-style ones at TAAN now).
    • Kamikaze --> For modeling a few units on request for UTASP. It has been so long in the making that you've already moved on from TA since you modeled those units. Times change a lot in a year!
    • Willy The Squid --> Bet you didn't think I'd remember you for the Arm Janus re-design. Well, here's you mention for the great model !
    • Henry Katzmarek --> For teaching me some new things about the behavious of the TA AI. If I get the time to write a good AI for UTASP, all the info on the sidedata and text files is going to come in very useful! Then again, you will have probably written your own AI before then, and if you want others to see it, we'd be happy to host it :)
    • Psycros --> I probably got more feedback from you than any other player. You'll probably notice that I have taken a bit of it into account when you're playing the new UTASP. Hope it satisfies ;)
    • Estrella --> If you can remember way back, you might recall that the first site where you could find UTASP was www.estrella.demon.nl Well, Estrella is still around the community now (he's been working on TA even longer than I have), and you can find him at http://www.tadesigners.com Thanks to Estrella for making the first version of UTASP possible by offering help and support all the way, bringing me though all kinds of barriers. Estrella has always offered the best to new designers, having faith in their work, and refusing to diss any creative work. Thanks for being a generally nice guy! Incidentally, does anyone still have a copy of UTASP V1.0 or 1.1?
    • The TA Community --> For all your feedback, and having the patience in waiting so long for this release of UTASP. I hope it's not a disappointment.
    • Thanks to all of the unit makers for building all of these great works of art for the people of the TA community, for dedicating time to someone else's cause with no promise of any return, and for striving to make TA a more enjoyable experience for everybody. With some help from the community, you have all been accredited in the UTASP units info file
    A Special Mention...
    Unitmakers always like good feedback, and besides your feedback is important to them. To find out who made a unit, open the UTASP-Units file and click for search and type in the name, or part of the name of the unit, then look up the group's name in the "Places to Visit" section of this file. If the maker is not there, they have probably quit from TA. If you find an active unit maker that is not on the list, contact me. Please do not send bug reports back to any of the unit makers. If there's a bug that you'd like to see fixed, please send the report to me, because it's probably my fault that the bug's there in the first place.



    1999-2005 M.A.D. TA
    Total Annihilation is the property of Atari.